HAVLISON: Cannabis Cult

Premium quality

I offer only the highest quality products. No compromises. Made in Switzerland. Laboratory tested.

Extensive experience

22 years of business experience.

20 years of cannabis experience.

16 years of cultivation experience.

Unbeatable prices

I don't have unnecessary expenses. I have no employees. I create and produce everything: HAVLISON: One-man project.

Fast delivery

Dispatch within 24 hours of receipt of payment. In 99% of cases same day dispatch.

Discreet packaging

The packages are unmarked. No cannabis symbol. No mention of cannabis. Only the recipient and the sender.

Off-shore servers

Your data is safe with me. Both havlison.cz and havlison.com are hosted on servers outside the EU.



HAVLISON s.r.o. | ID 0320058 | Bělehradská 858/23 | Prague, CZE